11 Sep

‘Heavenly Soldiers’

Recently, I found a compilation called “Star of the West” and I’m absolutely in love with it. I feel like I’ve discovered a chest of old papers in an attic, and each time I read an article I’m transported back to the time of the Master.

There is a wonderful site called bahaitext.org where all the volumes of Star of the West are scanned. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from volume II, issue number 12.


On the 12th of September, Mrs. Thornburgh-Cropper gave her second “At Home” to the friends of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. There were about forty-five present. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá gave the following discourse:

‘Some people of the earth desire conquest over others; some of them are longing for rest and ease; others desire a high position; some of them desire to become famous; thank God that our desire is for spirituality and for union with God.’

‘Now that we are gathered here our desire is to hoist the Standard of the Unity of God, to spread the Light of God and to make the hearts of the people heavenly. Therefore I thank God that He is causing us to do this great work.’ 

‘I pray for all of you, that all of you may become heavenly soldiers and that you may everywhere spread the news of the Unity of God and may enlighten the East and the West and give to all hearts the love of God. This is my utmost desire and I pray God that your desire may be the same.’


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  • of course it is very cool. Alas not all is online yet. The is an older program one could buy called Sifter which had the entire text available. But it’s OCR wasn’t perfect. Useful though!