Podcast 2: St. John’s Westminster

St. John’s Divine Church (Ronnie Y. Bindra ©)

On September 17 1911, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá at the request of the venerable Archdeacon of Westminster addressed the congregation of Saint John the Divine after evening service. (‘Abdu’l-Bahá in London, p21)

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Ivan Mihoci, Mary Okonkwo, & Lorraine Sherrill


Afshin Toufighian


Nancy Minden, Anna Castelaz, Nathan Lewis, Ian Lysaght, & Tara Hedayat-Zadeh

Image via Nineteen Months


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  • Wonderful! Your question regarding what actions have we taken is motivating and thought provoking. I can report on one concrete action and still I know I will and promise do more as I comtemplate the discussions and talks here. At each feast we take time to reflect on Abdul Baha’s travels at that particular date and if he addresses an audience in that time frame we go over the topic. It’s a much anticipated part of the social portion and everyone truly enjoys the discussion.