31 Dec

Glad Tidings! Glad Tidings!

The issue of Star of the West dated December 31st, 1911 is brimming with excitement — each serif and punctuation mark is eager and thrilled. The issue contains a logistical announcement from the Executive Board of the Bahá’í Temple Unity “so that when the definite date of his [sic] departure from Egypt and arrival in New York is cabled to us, we may let [the believers] know at once, in order that they may start on their journey from different parts of the country”. Also among the words of anticipation is a call for action. In a letter to the American Bahá’ís, Mirza Ahmad Sohrab writes:

His presence in America will be one of the most significant events of the twentieth century and the effect of his words will be far reaching. He does not come to visit any sect or religion or nationality, but he comes to meet ninety million Americans whose open mindedness for truth and whose open heartedness for the highest ideals of life are well known all over the world. In Abdul-Baha we will see a representation of divine virtues and human perfections… May we all be ready to stand firm in his presence. May we all be assisted to accomplish our duties. May we all be inspired to prepare the way for him. The time is short, the opportunities are many, and it lies in our power to take part of this great spiritual work. 

Most importantly, the newsletter contains a tablet from the Master in which He outlines the time and nature of His upcoming visit to North America:



O ye friends of God and maidservants of the True One!

Abdul-Baha has the utmost longing to meet you, but now he is obliged to return to the East, for he has promised many friends and they having traveled a long way, will be disappointed if the meeting is not brought about. Therefore, he has returned to Egypt, and hopes that during the next spring no obstacle may arise, so that with infinite joy and fragrance he may hasten to America to meet the friends, to unfurl the banner of rejoicing, to spread the Glad-Tidings of the Kingdom of ABHA, to illuminate the meetings and gatherings with the Rays of the Sun of Truth, to perfume the nostrils with the Fragrances of Holiness, to impart gladness and delight to the hearts, to attract the souls of the Realms of Might, to grant the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – so that in this nether world the congregation of the Righteous Ones may be firmly established.

Glad Tidings! Glad Tidings! The bounties of the Most Great Name are descending. Glad Tidings! Glad Tidings! The Lights of the Kingdom of ABHA are shining. Glad Tidings! Glad Tidings! The Doors of Heaves are opened and the call of the Kingdom is raised.  

Upon you be Baha EL-ABHA! (Signed) ABDUL-BAHA ABBAS


Baha'is in Washington DC circa 1909

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  • Bonsoir les Bahais de washington
    c,est avec un grand plaisir que j,ai lu le commentaire tout ces mots gentille peutetre un jour je rencontrerai la personne qui est retourné en egypte,avec une grande emotion que j,ai lu le commentaire je vous remercie beaucoup.Nicole keller.